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Curious about our past performance? Browse our references! Our Certified Customers have all worked with SCC for a minimum of one year and will provide detailed information regarding cleaning quality, efficiency and cost. We back all our services with an iron-clad guarantee of satisfaction, a claim these clients happily support. No matter what the job, we’re up to the task–and our Certified Customers are happy to prove it!

Basic Cleaning

Our professional cleaners tackle all areas of your home or business–bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, offices, conference rooms and more. No matter what the space, we sanitize, vaccum, dust and straighten to ensure all your spaces are clean and sparkling for your guests and clients. Need attention in a specific area? Let us know and our crews can tackle any cleaning task. Pet stains and general cleaning are also provided with our basic cleaning service package. We help make your everyday spaces shine?

Services Include:

Deep Cleaning

Is your home or rental in need of some extra attention? Let our specialized deep cleaning crew do the heavy lifting for you. We use state of the art technology to tackle even the dirtiest jobs. Our SteamReversal products make old tile and hardwood surfaces like new in hours, saving you time and money on refinishing and refurbishing in all rooms of your home or office. Even damage from fire or smoking is easily removed with our patented technologies. Kitchens, bathrooms, living areas and conference rooms all look like new again.

Services Include

Move in/ Move out

Need a change of place? Our moving crews have you covered. Whether you’re leaving your current residence or moving into a new home, we can help ensure all your possessions stay in one piece throughout your transition. Our trained crews will box and transport all items including prized antiques and hard to move pieces, even pianos. We cover any distance, whether it’s state to state or just on the other side of town. Whatever your needs, you can trust our insured, trained professionals to make this dreaded task easy for the entire family.

Services Include:

After party Cleaning

Everyone loves a party, until it’s time to clean up. No fear, SCC is here! We love helping you get your home or event space back in tip top shape. We clean and sanitize any and all rooms of the house, including garage and outdoor spaces, and will shampoo wall to wall carpeting or area rugs. We even specialize in removal of bodily fluids including blood, bile, and vomit. Whatever your party clean up needs, we can meet them quickly, efficiently and discreetly.

Services Include:


Remodels to home and office spaces help refresh out of date spaces, but they also leave behind dust, trash and debris that is both unsightly and potentially unsafe. We at Sparkling Cleaning Company pride ourselves on making your new space shine. We specialize in office spaces and mini-mall locations, but are fully prepared to make your home remodel safe for you, your family and your pets. Once the builders leave, call SCC and our cleaning experts will help you enjoy your new space to its fullest.

Services Include:

Window Cleaning

When you call Sparkling Cleaning Company, the days of hearing “We don’t do windows” are in the past! Our patented streak and spot free formulas help keep all your windows and glass surfaces shining and clear. We provide service to high windows and work on buildings up to five stories. We specialize in stained glass and have years of experience servicing houses of worship. You can also trust us with other specialty windows like leaded glass and antique glass. All our window cleaning professionals are insured and bring years of experience to every job. We provide a clean environment you can see and trust.

Services Include:


Many of our clients prefer to leave the hassle of moving to us. We will box and label all rooms of your home and even unpack them when they arrive at their new destination. If you prefer to pack your own goods, we also offer unpacking only options.

While it’s not our favorite job, we are certified cleaners of distasteful bodily fluids like vomit, urine, blood and bile.

All our movers are certified in SafeSound technologies and strategies, ensuring that all your large instruments will arrive tuned and fully operational in your new space.

All our offices are fully insured under the SafeMove policies provided by AllHomes. For more detailed information on our insurance policies and procedures, see our insurance page.

Our employees come to us from all walks of life, from college students to ex-military to burned out teachers. Whatever path they’ve traveled to Sparkling Cleaning Company, all our employees undergo a rigorous 2 week training to ensure they can clean and move your items without damage.

We’re so glad you asked! Yes, we support a variety of charities including our local food banks and river cleanup.

We specialize in houseplants. Our patented GreenCubes help keep your little green friends alive and well during your move.

Our environmentally friendly, state of the art shampoo system gets any stain imaginable out of your wall to wall carpeting or area rugs.

All our products are safe and friendly to the environment but are also strong and effective. Your home will be not only clean and shiny, but also safe for your children and pets.

YES! We love cleaning windows. Our ammonia free, no streak formulas will keep your windows spot free and cleaner than you’ve ever seen.